Phoenix Labs is the rebirth
of great gaming experiences.



About Phoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs is an independent game studio located in the heart of picturesque Vancouver, B.C. Founded in 2014, we are an inspired, seasoned, and cohesive team with a shared passion for making great games. We’re crafting a new AAA multiplayer experience for players to create lasting, memorable relationships for years to come.

  • We make games because we love them, and we want you to love them too
  • We believe in evolving how great games are made
  • Our people are the ends, not the means
  • We want to connect with players and enable them to connect with each other

Phoenix Labs is the rebirth of great gaming experiences.


The Phoenix Labs Team

Phoenix Labs Video Games Studio Team - Badass Ninjas

Alex Elsayad - Phoenix Labs - Senior Designer

Alex Elsayad


Andy Ho - Phoenix Labs - Producer

Andy Ho


Ben Carriere - Phoenix Labs - Senior Character Artist

Ben Carriere

“Yellow Checker”

Brandon Dix - Phoenix Labs - Character Artist

Brandon Dix


Brent Scriver - Phoenix Labs - Senior Programmer

Brent Scriver


Chris Buzon - Phoenix Labs - QA Manager

Chris Buzon


Chris Colibaba - Phoenix Labs - Senior Animator

Chris Colibaba


Chris Colibaba - Phoenix Labs - Senior Animator

Chris Fox


Cory Lake - Phoenix Labs - Senior Technical Artist

Cory Lake


Dougie Kerr - Phoenix Labs - VFX Artist

Dougie Kerr


Dustin DeVoe - Phoenix Labs - Technical Artist

Dustin DeVoe


Florian Raoult - Phoenix Labs - Technical Director

Florian Raoult


Glenn Barnes - Phoenix Labs - Art Director

Glenn Barnes


Greg Lidstone - Phoenix Labs - Animation Director

Greg Lidstone


Ian Tornay - Community Manager - Phoenix Labs Video Game Studio

Ian Tornay


Jeanne-Marie Owens - Phoenix Labs - Office Manager/Nerdherder

Jeanne-Marie Owens


Jen Morgan - Phoenix Labs - Environment Artist

Jen Morgan


Jesse Houston - Phoenix Labs - President

Jesse Houston


Katie de Sousa - Senior Concept Artist - Phoenix Labs Video Game Studio

Katie De Sousa


Matt Craig - Senior Graphics Engineer - Phoenix Labs Video Games Studio

Matt Craig

“pixel fiend”

Mike Trottier - Phoenix Labs - Sr Technical Artist

Mike Trottier


Nick Clifford - Phoenix Labs - Marketing Manager

Nick Clifford


Reid Buckmaster - Phoenix Labs - QA Lead

Reid Buckmaster


Rob Blake - Phoenix Labs - Audio Director

Rob Blake


Robin Mayne - Phoenix Labs - VP of Development

Robin Mayne


Roger Eberhard - Phoenix Labs - Sr Character Artist

Roger Eberhart


Sean Bender - Phoenix Labs - CEO

Sean Bender


Simon Beaumont - Phoenix Labs - Senior Engineer

Simon Beaumont

“Vampire Hunter”

Simon Unger - Phoenix Labs - Senior Animator

Simon Unger


Simon Unger - Phoenix Labs - Senior Animator

VerrDon Mason



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